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High Standards

High standards of individualised support through the development of person-centred care pathways, aimed at achieving positive outcomes for people, that are fully compliant with CQC Fundamental Standards and Regulations 2014 and associated regulations. Regular monitoring, review and consultation help ensure compliance is maintained.


Options for people to develop their life skills and access vocational and employment opportunities in-house and in the wider community.

Therapeutic Clinical Support

To help people develop coping skills and also to train our staff to intervene and support effectively and help us provide an enabling environment. Our clinical services team includes speech and language therapists, behaviour therapists, clinical psychologists, communication coordinators and occupational therapists and assistants.

Preparation & Support

Preparation and support for people and for their families when moving onto the next stage in their lives through effective transition planning.

Support for people to achieve and maintain the best possible health and access healthcare services as needed.

Equality & Diversity

We are committed to enabling people to express their individuality through supporting them in relation to their age, culture, belief, race, disability, gender or sexual orientation. Through our Single Equality Scheme and staff Code of Conduct we seek to ensure our services do not discriminate against people who live in or otherwise access our services, or the staff who support them, in relation to the above noted criteria.

Our Philosphy 

We are committed to each person who comes to live with us and believe in their potential and the importance of their individual journey. We consider that each of us individually- and collectively as a team- has a responsibility to positively support and enable each person in their progress. Time is precious so we seek to actively attend to this responsibility at all times through every day. We see Seva Homes as just one important step on each person's journey.

Keeping People Safe

Seva Homes offers a person-centred approach which aims to support people to develop increasing levels of independence and to create a safe environment for them, in which and from which they can have the best possible opportunities to maximise their potential. We seek to balance risk and a safe and progressive exposure to appropriate, meaningful activities and opportunities. Our safeguarding arrangements sit in this context; our policies, procedures, staff training and quality assurance provide a robust and regularly reviewed framework to this philosophy.

Health & Safety

We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all those who live and work in, or otherwise access our services. Seva Homes adheres to all procedures in place under the Group’s Health and Safety Policy.

Our Approach: What We Do
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