Girls in Painting Class


Seva Homes is proud to provide a package of outstanding education.

Woodside School is Ofsted registered, accepting children between the ages of 8 - 18 with autism and learning disabilities. 

Our education element is one of the few places in the UK that combines thereupetic one on one support, holistic approach and Montessori. This includes one day a week at a forest school and one day a week working on a farm with animals. The maximum number of young people and children accepted for this programme is currently 15.

Some children, maybe as a result of SEN, have difficulty interacting positively and appropriately with their peers and adults. Only a joined up (in education and in the home) holistic education can make a real impact. Holistic education is defined as ‘helping students be the most they can be’. 

Therapeutic, Social & Emotional Development

“doing rather than listening, is the key to believing in myself again…”

The core national curriculum education is provided, but with a specific Montessori approach for teenagers (developed in Scandinavian countries) that makes it accessible and meaningful. A first in the UK. Backed up with the work of our trained counsellors and educational psychotherapists.

This is the type of integration of Montessori type ideas we will be using for our teenagers/young adults that will be applying in Greenview/Hill House. Originally the principles set out by Maria Montessori were initially intended for children with challenges, we are restoring that principle by applying them to teenagers/young adults with challenges. This is where the ideas can make most difference.

Girls in Nature
Rearview of a Girl Soccer Player

Physical Activity

“ being active, moves the body and the mind”

It is widely accepted that good, regular physical activity is essential to positive behavior. This is promoted through a wide range of sports and team/confidence building skills and activities every day. Physical well-being is also based on eating well. All children’s diets are carefully created to ensure optimum wellness

Care Farm and Animal Life 

“nature, animal caring and fresh air and I feel alive”

All children spend one day a week working on a local, partner built ‘care’ farm. Working with animals and nature promotes well-being, working together and caring for animals. Our care farm is built to enable children to be as independent as possible and rebuild self-confidence.

Chicken Farm


Forest School  

“I don’t have ADHD when I’m in the woods” David, 14

Forest schools are nothing short of inspirational for young children. They allow them the freedom and rebuilding of confidence by doing activities around nature, away from the often, urban, challenges of their backgrounds.

Forest schools are not a one off, they are a long-term process. Children spend nearly a whole day, every week outdoors and inspired.