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We will treat all referrals with the urgency that is expected. 


Yet, at the same time, we will consider very carefully the best residential setting or opportunity for each young person or young adult.


Following a screening and assessment the profile will be submitted to the team at the most appropriate home. If we feel, that there is a better home outside Seva Homes suited to those needs, we will say so and, furthermore, we will also actively help to find a suitable position.


If we can help we will carry out a rigorous assessment with the home managers to ensure the correct young person is matched with the right home, from day one. Thereby managing any risk, but also ensuring the best prospect of stability and a positive environment for the young person to flourish within, is established.


If you would like to discuss our services, a particular referral or to get a copy of our statement of purpose please call 0208 492 0086 during office hours.


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