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Our Learning Disability Homes: What We Do
Children Jumping on Trampoline

We provide outstanding support for children with learning disability who often (but not always) have an autistic spectrum disorder.

We have two large and spacious 5 bedroom homes based in a quiet area of north London, bordering Herts. Both properties are large, tree-lined roads. Properties are close to parks, library, high street amenities but also open spaces. Safe, pleasant and homely environments are the foundation of building strong family lives.


The experienced, professional staff at the home, carry on the independence building life skills that are nurtured during the education at Woodside School. The twin track approach helps children develop and flourish in the same way that young children would in a normal loving, caring family home and school life.

Greenview House

Roseview House

By agreeing a placement with Seva Childcare Ltd you agree that the terms of the National Residential contract shall apply. 

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